Teenagers and a Boring Day

Today I had nothing to do but use the computer so i found out a way to use the computer without interfering with my grandmother using the computer for work. But the teenagers I know from the hovenes that means church group in spanish they come over because my grand mother runs the hovenes/church group at my grandfathers church . When they come over they like to use the computer for www.myspace.com so a lot of people would think that because of the hovenes/church group because they would use the time my grandmothers not working to go on www.myspace.com. But i had a plan B *dun dun dun* my grandmother has a laptop that they don’t know about so while they where not looking I asked my grandmother if i could use her laptop and luckily they did not hear me ask . I grabbed the laptop and snuck down stairs with it and hid in my room with it and i ended up using it for practicly the whole day.


Today at 9:oo am I had baseball practice. As I was going to catch a popfly to center field when the right fielder ran into me because he thought he could get the ball, when I clearly had a better chance of catching the ball and as he hit me my glove moved so the ball hit me in the face. Right under my left eye leaving a little mark but it got really tender and a little swollen thats what happened when I took the “The Hit” to the face. But when I got up to bat I got revenge when I hit the ball to him and it hit his stomach.