We run down the street

as fast as we can



turn into rockets but we did not run fast 


we stop to rest


we fly out the gates of my backyard this time we


turn into rockets flying down the street 

back and forth back and forth




Today I am packing to go to phili for 5 days.  Uhhhh I hate packing even though I do not really do it myself usually my parents ask me questions every 2 seconds about what I want to bring.   My parents do not want to bother me while I am writing this but I am being asked a question every 5 seconds they say they do not want to bother me so I can concentrate but they still ask questions. Thats what they call letting me concentrate(it really is not.)

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Ms. S. 

I do not now what to write about

Well I do not know what to write about so I am writing about that I do not know what to write about.  And obviously you know that right now at this very moment I do not know what to write next.  (this post is very boring.) Do not blame me blame whatever you want to blame. Just not me.  Many people would not be writing about not knowing what to write (Guess what I am. I do not now why but I am. And if you have not noticed you should probably start like right now.)  Right now I am thinking about what to write (do not tell me what to write.)  Wait I got something nope just lost it.  Well now I do not know what to write so you can look at the screen for about another 45 minutes. (Do not do anything else while doing that it may cause a sudden decrease in vision if so you should talk to your doctor right away you should not take aspren while reading this message.)

I got burned

today was are mini-course I got woodworking so I had to use a hot glue gun to put 2 pieces of wood together and I accidentally moved my hand and the glue went on my finger and burned my skin that’s the most weird thing that happened to me all day 

being late

I jumped out of the car to get to the field my soccer team was playing at but it was hidden behind a whole bunch of trees making it impossible to find.  Until some guy that was cleaning a different field told us where the field was.  But I was literally 2 seconds late before the second half started so I could not check in with the ref.  I was late because I had a running competition I had to go to.  So if I cold not check in I could not play so I basically went for no reason.            The end I guess (I can not remember if I am forgetting  something oh well.)

I can seeof course you see

no I don’t see like

me I see

like a bird


in the sky

what do you see

New York City is

the place I see

the place for me

is the place I see

This poem is dedicated to Ms. S, a true new yorker.

(NYC is cool but the red sox are still the best)